Enough is Enough. Take action for fair funding for the early years

Action Week

Enough is enough

The early years plays a vital role in helping children reach their full potential and enabling parents to get back into work.

But the sector is struggling to stay sustainable due to government underfunding.

Childcare funding rates were set and frozen in 2015 – this means they don’t take into account the subsequent increases to business rates, the minimum wages or any other rises in costs since then.

This has forced providers to put up parent fees and, in some cases, close.

This has to change: government must urgently review funding levels to make sure they match the true cost of delivering quality childcare, and ensure funding rates are reviewed annually to make sure they keep pace with rising costs.

We want to make sure every MP in England is aware of the funding crisis in the early years, supports the campaign and calls on the Treasury to make sure childcare is properly funded.

What you can do right now

The government has just announced new spending for the early years to increase the hourly rate paid to childcare providers for the government’s 30 hours offer.

But it was only £66 million – less than nothing when you take into account that funding levels have been frozen for two years. That is why we need you to write again to your MP and let them know that this is simply not good enough.

Download a template letter to adapt and send to your MP

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And don't forgot to keep in touch with us

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You can email our campaign officers Shannon and Deri at: feedback@eyalliance.org.uk if you have any questions or need further support.

Thank you for taking action on early years funding!