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Ofsted confirms delay to childminder registrations

By Rachel Lawler
child playing building blocks
Ofsted has confirmed that its process for registering as childminder has been affected by delays.
Ofsted moved its early years inspection and regulatory activity onto a new IT system in July last year, leaving them unable to process new applications for two weeks.
A spokesperson from Ofsted told Under 5 that the new system then experienced “challenges” after going live, but that these have since been resolved. They are, however, still working through the backlog caused by these delays.
The spokeserson said: “We acknowledge that this has meant a delay for childminder applicants and we are working hard to get back to normal timeframes as soon as possible.”
Ofsted was unable to give an update on how long applications are now expected to take and it is unclear how many potential new childminders have been affected by this delay.
This update comes as numbers of registered childminders in England continue to decline, dropping from 57,400 in 2012 to 40,800 in 2018.
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